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April 2007
We went to Haslemere in April - Shahanaz for dinner.  The choice of menu was rather more hands-on than usual, but I enjoyed the flavours - tastes were very clear, and while we didn't have a lot of variety, all of the dishes were good: meat bhoona, chicken korai, jeera beef (my favourite) and chicken balti, supported by sag aloo, bombay aloo, tarka dhal, rices and naans.
Turnout was slightly less than usual but still good. Ken came all the way from Northampton (and back afterwards) which must be something of a record.
Drinks were at the Inn on the Hill - the old Haslemere Hotel - which is worth a visit for dinner, never mind just for aperitifs.  Their steaks are very good and they have a very decent wine list.
Will writes...
Shahanaz – Haslemere graphic
Having worked, to my satisfaction, on how to pronounce ‘Shahanaz’ I could visit at long last, sad to say I left unsatisfied.  Chose a slow Friday lunch time, only guest, but oh dear the place was in a hurry.  My food rather too swiftly and chef had burned the spices in my Vegetable Samvar, the Patia all dull prawns and sloppiness. Thought restaurant going nowhere fast.  But a second chance awaited as the highly esteemed curry club descended from the Inn on the Hill.  I at least felt like Ramsey on a return visit in Kitchen Nightmares.
The PLACE occupies an inconspicuous position at the mile end of Wey Hill. 
Chintzy within but not entirely without style.  The exhaustive menu attempts to wow, chicken, lamb, prawn, king prawn, beef, duck and venison curries, think how?! How can they afford this? Easy, charge PRICES 25% higher than rivals. SERVICE was fine still the FOOD really had to shine to win me over. 
Starters comprised 1 meat samosa, dry and bland but 2 excellent Onion Bhajis, shaped like platelets and bound together with gorgeous gummy chic pea flour.  Of the 4 curries that followed Jeera Beef was splendid, a dark treacle mixture intoxicatingly flavoured with roasted cumin seed.  Chicken Balti had a delicious tangy butter rich sauce, Chicken Korai, tantalising sensations of ginger, garlic and fresh coriander with sweet sonority of grilled green and red pepper.  However! Average lumps of chicken in both and a Mutton Bhuna really nothing more than sludge with sinewy meat, while Naans reported over baked and the pilau rice not noticeably aromatic.
Other accompaniments; Tarka Dhal, whole garlic cloves, Saag/Bombay Aloo.  
Should mention the House White, Sauvignon Blanc, fairly dry but a good companion to the feast and that I discovered existence of another Lego looney over the age of 22 in the county (well almost).  In SUMMARY second visit to Shahanaz an improvement on first still not convinced enough to return largely because of the presence of superior Chilli Nights across the road.
May 2006:
A small turnout but great food at Shahanaz in Haslemere, on one of the few fine evenings we had around that time.   Just for once we chose our favourites from the huge menu instead of asking the restaurant to make the selection.  The menu has almost 300 items, and in addition many of the main courses are available with a choice of recipes - a large section includes lamb, beef, chicken or prawn, and other sections include venison or duck, king prawn, fish, tandoori and chef's specials.  A fantastic choice. 
59 - 61 Wey Hill, Haslemere, GU27 1HN
01428 651380 and 641676
Inn on the Hill (recommended), Crown and Cushion, Inn on the Green
Large restaurant, huge menu (over 300 choices) and free delivery too (if you're near enough)

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